The Life of Jesus Christ

This page is a work in progress as I attempt to preach through the four gospel accounts in chronological order. In the chart, I hope to include a “Harmony of the Gospels” as well as links to any blogs or sermons related to this study.
1-10 Subject The Gospel of Matthew The Gospel of Mark The Gospel of Luke The Gospel of John Blogs Sermons
1 Introduction

1:1-4 Four Part Harmony

Why Four Gospels?

Matthew's Gospel

Mark's Gospel

Luke's Gospel

John's Gospel
Four Part Harmony - Part 1

Four Part Harmony - Part 2
2 The Eternal Son of God

1:1-18 Jesus Is The Eternal God

The Witness

Life & Light

Ignorant Darkness

He Giveth Power

Grace For Grace

That’s Jesus
A Tale of Two Cousins - Part 1

A Tale of Two Cousins - Part 2
3 The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold

1:5-25 Bad Things Happen To Good People

Thy Prayer Is Heard

Old Time Religion

Doubting Words

A Thankful Parent
God Hears (Even When We Can’t) - Part 1

God Hears (Even When We Can’t) - Part 2
4 The Birth of Jesus Foretold

1:26-38 Gabriel Visits Mary

The King Is Coming!

Mary Knows Biology

Can I Get An Amen?
Gabriel Visits Mary
5 Mary Visits Elisabeth

1:37-45 Amen, Let's Go!


Mother of Whom?

The Blessing of Belief
Mary Believes - Part 1

Mary Believes - Part 2
6 Mary's Song

1:37-45 Magnificent Rejoicing

So, Why Is Mary So Happy?

Which Came First, Fear Or Mercy?

"I Did It My Way" - God

The Promise To Abraham Fulfilled
Mary's Song - Part 1

Mary's Song - Part 2
7 The Birth of John the Baptist

1:56-66 It's a Boy!

What Is His Name?

The Word Is Multiplied

God Willing
It's a Boy!
8 The Song of Zacharias

1:67-80 I Love MY Savior

A Covenant Keeping God

Living in Liberty

The First Baptist Preacher
The Song of Zacharias - Part 1

The Song of Zacharias - Part 2
9 Two Family Trees

1:1-17 3:23-38 Did Joseph have two fathers?

The Seed of Abraham

The Son and Savior of Man

Great Ancestors

Knots In Jesus' Family Tree
Knots in Jesus' Family Tree - Part 1

Knots in Jesus' Family Tree - Part 2
10 The Birth of Jesus

1:18-25 2:1-7 It Wasn't His Child

Pop Quiz


Jesus Rejected

The Dawn of Redeeming Grace
The Birth of Jesus - Part 1

The Birth of Jesus - Part 2
11 The Shepherds


12 The Presentation in the Temple


13 The Wismen